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Before Your Drawing

1. Spirit gives me the person around you at the moment. I don’t “see” them.  It’s almost like automatic writing. What I’m actually doing is channeling. The person just appears on the paper.


2. When I’m drawing I can almost always connect and “read” the drawing.  I typically pick up their personality, possibly things they enjoyed, and sometimes their relationship to you.


3. The person I draw may be passed or someone who is still living who was important   to someone you know who has passed, although this is rare.


4.  The person usually comes forward at a younger age than when they passed.


5. This is important: You may not be able to identify the person at first. They may be appearing younger than you ever knew them.  It may be someone you didn’t meet personally, but family members will recognize. You may need to talk to family members and/or go through family photos to make the connection.


6. I guarantee that, if after some effort on your part you are unable to match the draw- ing to someone important to you, I will draw another one for you.  Just give yourself some time to see what happens.  You might even dream about them! Each experience is very unique!


7. By agreeing to a Spirit Portrait you are giving permission to share any drawings and photos on social media.  No names or intimate details or especially sensi- tive drawings will be shared, and any request to keep any sensitive drawings & photos totally private will be honored.

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