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One night several years ago I had a very unique experience.  I awoke to a house full of the spirits of people who had passed on.  Some were somewhat transparent.  Others appeared solid, and were all through my house.  One elderly woman came up to me and took my hand.  Her hand was warm.  She didn't speak, but I could hear her say, "You can see us!" This experience went on for quite some time, until at some point I suddenly - woke up! I had been asleep.  It was the most lucid dream I'd ever had in my life. I remember every detail vividly.  It was truly a life changing experience. 

I had no idea what this experience meant for several years, then something happened and it just clicked. I’ve had artistic talent my entire life, particularly focusing on pencil drawings.  Suddenly one day I was impressed to draw a portrait for someone. I knew who it was for, and even had a message with the drawing. When I showed the drawing to the person I knew the drawing was for, she recognized it immediately as her father, and she verified all the information I had received about him from Spirit.  So began my journey into drawing Spirit Portraits, and I suddenly understood the significance of my "dream experience" years earlier.

Some of the portraits I’ve drawn have been loved ones who’ve passed, and some have been of the loved ones of clients who are still living. As I’m drawing the portraits I receive information about the subject, usually including a name. I also typically receive a message from Spirit regarding the person I’m drawing, the client, or the relationship between both of them.

It has been an amazingly positive and fulfilling experience providing my clients with the assurance - literally proof - that their loved ones continue to exist in some form, and that they are thinking of them when I draw a loved one who’s passed.

It’s equally as fulfilling when I draw a loved one who is still living and am able to contribute to a client’s spiritual growth by providing them with a message about their relationship with the subject of the drawing.

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